The key features of our Steel Shots are high durability, resistance to impact fatigue and maximum cleaning efficiency. When manufactured, these steel shots have rigidity of 40 – 51 HRC (390 – 530 HV). These have low breakdown rate and hence no dust is formed in the process. As these distribute high impact energy, these are taken into use in the industries needing heavy cleaning, making bright finishes.


  • Ideal for peening application to impart a clean, smooth and polished finish.
  • Used to impart compressive strength to torque or load bearing metal parts such as crankshafts, engine turbine blades and heavy duty springs in a peening application.
  • Both air-powered and wheel blast systems can be used to accelerate the steel shot onto the surface of the part.
  • Can be recycled as many as 3000 times before replacement due to its hardness and density.
  • Generates a minimal amount of dust in the blasting process.

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