Powder Comb

DeFelsko PosiTest GM Magnetic Pull-Off Coating Thickness Gauge, 0-8 mils

Check Powder Thickness Before Curing to Ensure Correct Cured Film Thickness

Check Powder thickness with Powder Comb before curing to help ensure correctly cured film thickness the first time through the line.  Avoid stripping and re-coating which can cause problems with adhesion and coating integrity.

  • Works on a variety of part sizes, shapes and substrates such as metal, plastic, wood, glass, and more
  • Broad stand-offs on both sides of teeth help keep gage perpendicular to surface when measuring
  • Precision gage; manufactured to a tolerance ±5 microns or ±0.0002 inch
  • Protective leather pouch included with each gage


View PDF Order Guide : DeFelsko Powder Comb – Ordering Guide From Blastline

PosiTest PC – Measuring Uncured Powder Coating Thickness

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Video Source : DeFelsko Corporation, USA
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