It is Ideal for the fast and economic recovery of used abrasive from the blasting site. These high performance systems are used to efficiently recover garnet prior to recycling.

When the blasting is completed, it can then be used for vacuuming. By using air to power the Vacuload systems, you save the costs associated with expensive motors or engines.

The Vacuum Power Pack uses twin compressed air Jet-Pumps to create vacuum power. The integral dust arrestor cleans the vacuumed air to ensure only clean air is emitted to the atmosphere. (Conveying Capacity is subject to Inlet Compressed Air pressure, temp, abrasive density and size, length and size of vacuum hose 50 ft. These quoted rates are indicative only based on using 50 ft. of vacuum hose.)


  • ZERO downtime!
  • NO moving parts to wear!
  • NO seals to replace!
  • NO water!
  • NO electricity!
  • NO motors!
  • Virtually maintenance-free!


Specifications Vacuload Model-4
Compressed Air Required @ 120 PSI 750 CFM
Electric Power Required Not Required
Dust Collector Size 4 Cartridge
Filtration Area 904 sq.ft.
Automatic Reverse Pulse Cleaning Included
Magnahelic Pressure Gauge Included
Maximum Vacuum Hose Length 700 ft.
Conveying Capacity – Garnet 8 Ton/hr