For the conveyance of clean, dusty or humid air. These tube axial fans ensure high efficiency at low noise levels and are capable of handling industrial processes that require large volumes of air at relatively low pressures.

  • Fans are of the belt driven axial flow type with polypropylene impellers.
  • Bearings are sealed and the belt tunnel is sealed from the air stream.
  • Eternal motors sit on large adjustable plates.
  • Fan cases have integral access doors.
  • A finger guard protects the fan inlet.

Particularly used in heat exchanger, transformer, cooling towers, food, ceramic drying systems and ventilating buildings and tunnels.

Tube Axial fans are used in industrial applications where a uniform downstream of air distribution is required. These fans are used in cement, paper & wood, pharmaceutical, steel industry etc for handling critical processes that require drying, ventilation, fume & hot air exhaust etc.

Also available in various standard specifications.



Specifications  –  EF Series

Air Flow

39,366 m3/hr

Total Permanent Pressure

300 Pa


1134 RPM

Power Installed

5.5 kW

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