The cyclone V-Aren is used as a preventive treatment for the partial demolition of polluting elements in the air. It is suitable for the separation of potentially explosive dusts (ATEX) from coating operations.

The cyclone V-Aren is able to recover over 96% of the input powder using the centrifugal force. The direction of the air outlet is adjustable thanks to a nut installed in the upper part. The V-AREN cyclone dust collector allows the recovery and reuse of the powder by means of a system of automatic sieve located on the discharge of the cone. It is convenient and fast to clean during the color change, easy to carry in a horizontal position and easy to install.


Model V-AREN 1000 V-AREN 1250 V-AREN 1400 V-AREN 1600 V-AREN 1800 V-AREN 2000
Air Flow Rate (Nm3/h) 9.000 12.000 16.000 20.000 24.000 28.000
Diameter 1.000 1.250 1.400 1.600 1.800 2.000
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